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check out this title for a cool new anime, coming never

inspired by this text post



And nobody battled on the train ever again.


draco--meteor inquired:
i think the reason some of them aren't properly grouped is because they're probably going to be dlc since most games seperate add on characters from official characters, or it goes by order of when you unlock them. it's also likely that these are fake because last time stuff was leaked for SSB4 they reacted swiftly and fiercely if you remember the cutscene leak thing

Yeah, I could see both those possibilities.

I never trust leaks like this anyway ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I’ll just wait until the game comes out tbh


Why must my words be twisted in this way


I feel like I should watch k-on because I keep seeing that blonde chick (mugi right?) and I go “nice”